Baptism: Frequently Asked Questions

How old should a person be when they are baptized?

Old enough to understand the Gospel, repent of sin, and desire to be baptized for themselves. Further comment here

Should children or infants be baptized?

No. There are no Biblical examples of this. Further comment here

Is baptism by sprinkling or dipping / immersion?

By immersion. Further comment here

Can I be baptized again / re-baptized?

Yes. Further comment here

Can I baptize myself?

Yes, although it's not the best option if you have a choice. Further comment here

Who is authorized to perform baptisms?

Anyone. The Bible doesn't make any statement about who can baptize apart from to say that we each have the great commission to go into all the world with the Gospel of the risen Lord Jesus, preaching-and-baptizing people.

What must I know before I am baptized?

The Gospel. Further comment here

How could a baptism service be run?

Further comment here