Self Baptism: How to baptize yourself

If required, we can issue a baptism certificate and post you a hard copy for free.

On 29/08 23:55, Roger  wrote:
> How does one do self-baptism? 

That's so great you are willing to baptize yourself! You must be a very
strong individual to have this understanding and personal relationship of
your Lord, to be baptized into Him and see the significance of it 100%
without the distractions which come whenever you are baptized by someone
else or a church. Well done, I so respect you for it!

My suggestion for baptism is to pray; read Romans chapter 6; meditate on
the chapter, that by going under the water you are sharing in the death
and burial of Christ; coming up out of the water, you are identifying with
His resurrection. And "repent", the Greek word means literally to
re-think. To think again. I understand repentance as a recognition before
God that we are sinners. It will be unwise to promise God never to sin
again, because 1 Jn. 1:8-10 says that if we [as baptized believers] say we
do not sin, then we are liars. In fact we get baptized exactly because we
realize we are the sick who need a doctor, rather than those who think
they have no need of any healing.

Then, pray again, go into the water or bath tub and say "I am being
baptized into the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of my sins" and
then put yourself under the water.

Then pray when you come up out of the water.

I am happy to talk with you before or after it, but maybe you would prefer
to keep it completely private, and I would understand that. But if you'd
like, let me know your phone number. Or we can talk on Skype.

I was baptized myself in a bath tub. ANd I baptized many since then in
bath tubs. It is easier to lie on your side with your head towards the
taps, pull your arm right up so you can get under.

I am so excited about your decision and I pray it works out!

God bless!